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Who pays for the evaluation depends on the referral source and type of case. The time needed for an assessment, of any type, includes a thorough review of your records, an interview with you (and, if appropriate, and with your permission, with family members or friends), face-to-face testing, scoring of tests, interpretation of findings, preparation of the written report, and discussion of test results with referral source and/or with you. In most cases, this requires about 12-20 hours of time; however, each person and situation is different, and the total number of hours for an evaluation could be more or less than these typical numbers reflect. We can provide a rough estimate for your specific situation upon request. Please note, we are NOT currently on any insurance panels and are out-of-network.

Please contact CFNA for current fee schedules.

No-Show or Late Cancellation Fees

Due to the length of appointment times for these evaluations, a $250 cancellation fee may be charged for appointments cancelled without at least 48 hours’ notice. It is very difficult to fill these times with little notice. Exceptions include illness, or injury, in which case you should contact the office, and we can discuss waiving the fee.